The Ookpik is a very stable recreational kayak. It has a large, comfortable cockpit, offering its occupant greater freedom of movement. This kayak is ideally suited for exploring lakes or rivers and for short trips along the coastline.

Ookpik is the Inuit name for the snowy owl, the avian emblem of Quebec. This huge white member of the owl family is the largest in North America, measuring nearly 50 cm from head to tail and boasting a wingspan of nearly 1.5 m. Like other birds of prey, the snowy owl is a protected species nationwide.

Length: 13' (3.96 m)
Cockpit: 18'' x 32'' (46 x 81 cm)
Beam: 24" (61.0 cm)
Volume: 106 gal us (400 l)
Depth: 14'' (35.6 cm) 
Weight : 48-54 lb (22-24 kg)
Bow compartment: dia : 8'' : 13 gal us (20 cm : 50 l)
Stern compartment: 14 1/2'' x 12 1/2'' : 25 gal us (37 x 32 cm : 95 l)

Stern/Bow profile:

Standard model:
Rear bulkhead, two bungee cords (in front of and behind the occupant), 2 toggles, safety ring for locking, comfortable seat (adjustable, padded backrest) and adjustable footrests.


1. Bulkhead in the rear hatch to ensure a waterproof compartment
2. Front hatch and bulkhead and two extra bungee cords on the kayak deck
3. Rudder